Our Services

Companies need goals to achieve success. However, what many neglect are the values of humanity, quality, individuality and respect. These values are not limited just to internal structures, also customers want to be treated accordingly. Service and support are essential for a successful business.

I do coaching in business and staff management, organization, marketing and sales. My clients are primarily owner-managed small and medium-sized companies from the dental industry, dental laboratories and dentists.

Are you a dental technician or laboratory owner and you do not know if it is worth investing in a CAD / CAM system? And if so, which one?

Or you are a dentist and may need new equipment such as a new treatment unit or a chairside CAD / CAM system?

The variety of products is very large, various equipment, materials, complete solutions and systems provider. What's right for you?

Or would you like to expand your sales network nationally and / or internationally and do you need assistance in implementation?

Would you like to improve and / or expand your web presence and social media activities?

I analyse and assess your initial situation and company-specific characteristics. Known patterns of thinking and behaviour, coupled with experience, often shape the decision-making processes in your company, which must be recognized, analysed and controlled.

Often there are already plans in your company for restructuring or for new investments, however the realization often fails in the day-to-day business.

See me as a partner in your company.